Monday, June 22, 2009

Picture Show Etiquette

Howdy Rooftop Readers!

Those precious brothers, Mark & Big Al Hayter, have asked me to add some class to their website (believe you me, they needed it). They're such sweet boys (ain't neither one of 'em got the sense God gave a hyena) but they're sweet boys alright. I knew their Mamma, and trust me, she did a good job on those two.

So, here I am to add my ideas, some proper etiquette, and just whatever might be on my mind. Hold onto yourselves....

Went to the movies last Saturday, saw "The Talking of Pelham 123". Good movie, but I ain't here to plug it, really here to give a lesson in proper Picture Show Etiquette.

Listen up now... Did you know that in a movie theater it's improper to kick the seat in front of you? It's very annoyin' to the person who's gettin' 'er chair kicked, very annoyin'.

And what's worse than that, is sitting in your seat and suddenly seein' a man's big ol', smelly, scaly, fungi-ed foot in your face! I am not jokin' here! There it was a big ol' foot in a sandal propped up to the side of my chair. So not only was this old coot kickin' my chair, but he was displayin' one a his old dogs to me!! Well I never!!

Now I had ever right in this world to yank that old goat up and ring him a new one, but I didn't do that. Nope, I took the high road and just gathered my things up and moved one row down. Don't know what that jack donkey thought of that, reckon he was puzzled a bit.

I get really angry at stupid people. Am so happy I don't belong to that group. Now I ain't sayin' that I'm perfect, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I sure aint stupid enough to prop my foot up by somebody's head like smell my feet! Know what I'm sayin'? Sure you do.
The lesson here is: While in the picture show, don't kick the seat of the person in front a you, and don't let nobody ever smell your feet, lessin' they want to.
Hope y'all have learned something from my experience and my first blog on The Rooftop. Am sure I will be of much help to you and your'n in the future, so come back real soon for another Idea from Ida!

Comment if you'd like. I'd love to hear from ya! What kind a bad experiences have you had at the picture show?
Y'all have a nice week... OKZ?