Friday, April 16, 2010

I feel very old

I'm young at heart... playful, silly, I laugh a bunch, especially since I'm taking yet another drug. Been thinking maybe the right combination is finally in place.
I'm also very fun-loving, but, my body is aged somewhere around... well... way older. I hate being old! When you're old you can hardly move, and your body makes creaky noises and you moan a bunch. Every time I get out of bed or out of a chair, my movements must be planned and clearly thought out; otherwise, I could easily dislocate something or something could fall off! It's so tough being old.
I work with a guy, Bill Miller is his name. We graduated together in 1970 from good 'o Pasadena High School. We were young then, now a days, we both limp around like we're as old as the hills... which I reckon we are. We'll be 58 this year. Sheesh! OMGoodness, I just realized that he & I are only 2 years away from being in the 60 numbers... 61, 62, 63... and then, in no time we'll be in the 70 numbers!! Our lives are almost through! Where did the time go??? There's so many things I wanted to do before I died!
Like jump from an airplane! Now that's never gonna happen, because when I landed, I'd crack something for sure even while wearing a parachute. And there will be no bungee jumping because I would probably scramble the vertebra in my spine! No marathon could I run or even walk. And bike riding is out of the question because of my back and bad knees. Skating, forget that too... much breakage would occur indeed.
I was watching poor old Bill Miller walk today and he kind of moves from side-to-side when he limps. Me, I'm more of a slumped forward limper. My limp is nowhere as bad as his, thank the Lord. But, if I stand for too long or walk for too long, my herniated disk yells at me to sit the heck down!!
I really do feel so old... I was on Facebook and doing one of the many quizzes they have, and one of the questions asked what year were you born. Well darn it all, turned out I'm so old they didn't even post a year back that far!!! I was saddened.
Oooooooh, I'm old, so very old, and I don't like it one bit. Did you hear that creaking?

Young at Heart


  1. Getting old bites! I hate it, too. Wait, did you hear that? Was that you, or me?

  2. Ha! Maybe it was both of us!! Hey, I might have found that hobby I've been looking for, Cora Beth. Ebay! I've got 4 items posted, am hoping to make extra $$ for Kansas trip. Never thought I'd be excited about ebay... it's been around for years and I've had very little to do with it. But Jeff taught me and I'm postin' stuff... by myself!!!! Me go girl!! Thanks for always commenting CB.