Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was just wondering...
...Why racing bikes have those horribly, thin, uncomfortable seats on them? If you're going to get outside and exercise on a bike and ride long distances and pedal like a pusher, why would you want to torture yourself while doing it?
...Why do some people ride on other people's bumpers? They're not going to get where they're going any faster by doing this. Be patient, and when you can pass the slower person, do so, but no finger jestures, they're really not necessary, I get it.
...Why is it when you go garage saleing in Clear Lake, that the people there follow you around and watch you like a hawk, like you might steal something? I know there are those who do steal, there is evil in this world; but dude, did you really think I was going to stuff your old rusted bait bucket in my purse? Come on!

...Why is it that people who live in beach houses in Clear Lake act like they're better than those of us who don't own beach houses? I know they're better, but they don't have to act like it, riding around hither and yond in their golf buggies. I could own a golf buggy if I wanted one... I can save for anything I want... just don't happen to want a golf buggy... very much.
...Why, if a person from Clear Lake is going to have a garage sale, do you NOT put prices on things? If there is no price on your items, then I don't want your items. That would be like going to a restaurant, looking at the menu, and seeing no prices... I'm outta there... 2 tacos and a 5-layer burrito for me! I'm a cheap date.
...Why are all the Schlotskys sandwich places, closing down?! The one on Spencer and Burke is now a Verizon store! The closest one to me is now the Schlotskys on Bay Area Blvd. What is going on?! It's like when the Taco Buenos disappeared around here. I mean, I love Taco Bell, but I also loved Taco Bueno, plus Taco B had a beef burger to die for! No one has that anymore. Please if you know where I might purchase just the bread that they make Schlotskys sandwiches from, I will buy you a sandwich... seriously.
...Why would a guy who drives a golf buggy around his neighborhood in Clear Lake with his 3 grandkids sitting with him, be drinking a beer at 9:30am? #1 He's driving = bad; #2 He's driving children = very bad; #3 He's drinking at 9:30am = people, we must draw the line somewhere!! The only good thing about it... probably around 3pm I could buy his house from him and he wouldn't care.


  1. Hubs and I were just talking about missing Taco Bueno and Fajita Junction.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day right back at cha, Cora Beth! Friday, a guy at work talked about his wife used to work at "The" Taco Bueno, before they got married. Do you & Craig remember their beef burgers? They were small hamburger buns, with taco meat and cheese in them. I would get one of those, a taco, and a burrito, but I think they called 'em something else back then. I don't 'member, I'm old.

  3. Jillicakes,

    I just noticed that my earlier comment didn't make it through. It made it somewhere, just not here. I just wanted to say that, yeah, people are weird. And, not just in Clear Lake. I've seen 'em almost everywhere I go. Even in my own house! If I wasn't such a weirdmiester, I'd have very little to write about. If I was a weirdmiester with a golf cart... it's hard to imagine the things I could come up with.

    Yeah, I'm afraid the ol' schlotskidoodles may be in tough times. They sure don't put on as much meat as they used to. If they cut back much more, they can leave with my blessing. I'm sure they're concerned about that.

    The place I really hate seeing leave is Chuck Wagon. They left about 40 years ago, and I'm still not over it. They put some herb on their burger meat (garlic, onion salt, garlicky onion salt?) that really made their burgers special. I will miss them always. Well, I think in a few months I may be over it. Just wanted you to know that I, too, suffer concerning a loss.

    That's all. If this doesn't go through, would whoever gets it contact to let me know where it went. Kinda like one of those helium balloons with your address on it that goes up and lands in a gully. What I'm thinking.

    Super blog, Sisterooney!

  4. Chuck Wagon!!! Oh, how I miss it!