Monday, July 13, 2009

Here's an Idea

Yee-ha!! Would you Hayter Brothers lookie over there to your left! I've got 2 Followers! Now I hadn't seen 'em followin' me, but it says that they do. Anywho, they just happen to be two of my favor-right people - Cora Beth (also known as CB) & Will. By the way Will, you look much better in your picture now, you musta shaved your body and gotten that tooth removed, wow what an improvement.

Well people, I'm Ida the idea lady, and I'm gonna be comin' up with some outta this world ideas for you Rooftopers...... Oh, for heaven sakes, did you catch that?! I just come up with a brillant idea..... callin' the people who come here to the Rooftop, Rooftoppers! Ideas come springin' to my head like that all day long, and iffin' I don't write 'em down right then and there, they just spring away!

What do you Hayter boys think of that? Rooftoppers! It's brilliant, purdee genius, am I right? Huh? Well sure I am. And to think you boys are gettin' me for nothin'!

Oh, and here's another idea I come up with this mornin'..... I was fixin' to eat breakfast - a banana, yogurt and O juice, and didn't have much time to eat cause I was in a big hurry. Well, all of a sudden I get this here idea to put that banana, O juice and yogurt all together in the blender and swish it all together, and ladeeda it made this like fruity drink thing, mmmmm! Have you ever?!!! Well a course you haven't. You know, there's very few people who can come up with real smart ideas like that..... I just happened to be one of those few.

Now you be sure and save all this genius stuff, so you can share it all with your friends. And while you're with your friends, tell 'em to come on and mowzee over to the Rooftop, Mark's roof can hold way more people!

Now, tomorrow, all you ROOFTOPPERS fix yourselves a FRUITY DRINK, then I'm sure y'all WILL have a great day talkin' on your CB's! I think I just peed myself laughin'!!!


    That's what you are.......

  2. A banana fruity mixture thing! You can't get that kinda stuff anywhere else. This lady is genius!! And, we got her first!!

  3. Absolutely, my sweet boys... and this is just the beginning, just the tip of the iceberg lettuce, just a tiny smoldering before the flame, just a... ah... I think I need a nap.

  4. I told you to stop spiking the banana, yogurt, OJ fruity drink thing. Knock you out every time! Save that for when I come over! Oh, the hot waiter shaved his head! Can you believe it... all those beautiful, dark locks... gone! Have to admit he's not nearly as cute without it. Might have gotten cuter if I was drinking margaritas, but I doubt it. We can go back and double-check.