Thursday, October 1, 2009

Uses for Rubber Bands

You know how people send Ms Heloise hints
on how to use things? Well, I thought I'd give
you a few ways you can use RUBBER BANDS,
and then you rooftoppers can send in your own
thoughts on what to do with 'em...
now let's keep this clean, OKZ.

1. Use them to open jars -- Wrap a rubber band several times around the lid of a jar and it will give you somethin' to grip to make openin' easier.
2. Use 'em for decoratin' Easter eggs -- put bands around a hard-boiled egg and place it in food colorin'. Remove the egg, let the egg dry, then remove the bands and you got some cool white lines around your egg. Now isn't that fun?!
3. A friend told me this one... thether stemware and other delicate, wobbly items to the rack of your dishwasher so they won't get cracked. I didn't know about this idea, 'cause the only dishwasher I have, is Me!
4. Here's a neat one, use several big multicolored rubber bands to wrap a present. This is great when you don't have any scotch tape, and it's different too... when have you seen a present wrapped with rubberbands... uh-huh, me neither. Now if you was to wrap the present with newspaper and rubber bands, then people would think you're "Green", and remember how I told you that in this day & time, being "Green" means people think you're real smart when you might not be.
5. We've all heard of this one, but I could never do it, cause it's just tortureous! If you're a smoker, wear a band around your wrist and ever time you crave a smoke snap yourself with the rubber band. Ouch! That's just mean. That would be like when I was a kid, and we'd run outta the house lettin' the back door slam, we'd get our hair yanked for it! The door would slam, and we'd stop dead in our tracks, and here would come Mom out on the porch to give our hair a tug. I'm not a big fan of pain bein' used to learn stuff. It didn't make me learn nothin', it just pissed me off.
Okay, those are the ideas for using rubber bands that I found,
now you send in your ideas and comments.
No matter how lame your idea might be,
I respect all comers.
Now think... what would you do with a rubber band? Hmmm?


  1. My nephew used one on the leg of his cat. They ended up with a three-legged cat! I don't recommend that. You can also make a rubber band tether the same way you make a Chinese jump rope and use it similar to a leash, for your kids. Then, when they wander too far, just let go of your end and pop the snot out of them. Someone needs to try that on Al.

  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Ms A, I just love the way you got at Al! You certainly keep rooftop a laughin'!
    Has your nephew had psychiatric testin' or is he 3. If he's 3 then he don't know any better, or rubber banding cats could be the start of a serial killer... I'm just sayin'.
    Thank you for commentin'. Can you think of more uses for rubber bands?

  3. Yes, the (great)nephew was about 3 or 4 and the cat hid under the dryer or something like that and wasn't found in time to save the leg. Last I heard it was doing fine and it happened several years ago.

    I use rubber bands to hold up my long sleeves, when they get in the way. Just make sure they aren't too tight... you could end up losing an arm or two.

    You can also use them to castrate animals, but that's not for the faint of heart. I sure couldn't do it and I'm mean as a snake. Right, Al?

    We used to have a game, when the kids were little... we'd stand up Army men and shoot them down. It was cheap entertainment and they loved it.

    Also, we have a cathedral ceiling and would sometimes use them to shoot down a stray bug or spider. Works pretty good unless they fall on your face.

  4. Excellent, excellent! Ms A you're killing me. Really sad about the cat, that was so funny, but I am really sad about the cat. That's no way to lose a limb, no matter what species you are!

  5. I was waiting for Mark or Big Al to comment about the rubber band guns they used to make that had clothes pins for triggers.
    Here are my ideas for uses of rubberbands:
    1. To shoot at your brothers, using the ol' fingergun technique.
    2. Use 'em to tie up my cell phone charger that I keep in my purse - less messy that way.
    3. Use it to pull your hair back out of your eyes for when an axe murderer or monster is chasing you through the woods, cause you have to see where you're going or you might run into a tree or fall into a ravine. And on that same note, don't ever run and keep looking back to see where he is, just run like the dickens, full throttle, and don't stop until you find help! Keep in mind that the help you find will probably be kin to the axe murderer or monster, so as soon as you catch your breath, break away and do the full throttle thing again!!! And it works better if your hair is out of your eyes.

  6. Jilly, it sounds as though you have some experience with #3 or you've been watching too many movies with the brothers. I hope it's the latter.

    I also use them around my wrist, as reminders. Much easier than tying a string around your own finger, that's difficult. It's also difficult to remember what the reminder was supposed to be. Perhaps it works better, with a brain!

    Where in the heck are Mark and Al? You boys must be up to something! Ida, you should try that leash idea, when you find them. Mar and Kay, too. Those boys do have a tendency to wander off.

  7. A snake, you hit it right on the nose Mrs, A. I remember shooting down army soldiers with rubber bands.
    Mrs. A. thanks for pick'n on me. I'm glad I can help.