Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Make Tombstones for Halloween

This is such an easy way to decorate your yard for Halloween, if ya do that kind of thing. Ya get some thick syrafoam and cut a tombstone shape out of it. Use a knife for the cuttin', you'll hate the sound, I do. Then, write names on the styrafoam with painters tape. Spray the syrafoam with gray spray paint, sprayin' as many coats as needed. After the paint has dried, pull the tape off and there you have your tombstone with a name on it. Shove some sticks up the bottom of the marker and plant that sucker in the ground. How easy is that?!

I found some really cool names you can put on the tombstones. Some of 'em made me laugh out loud!!

Anita Hart
Myra Mains
Ben Better
Eileen Dover Clift
Ben Dover
Izzy Stillalive
Roman D. Earth
Justin Pieces
Frank N. Beans
Anita Manda Cook
Bill M. Lader
Will Knott Rest
Helen Back

And entire family of Rott's:
Fester N. Rott
Diane Rott
Willy Rott

Can you think of other funny tombstone names?

Send 'em in to Rooftop!!


  1. Cool, Ida. How 'bout Wess N. Peece? Okay, that was just stupid.

  2. Well Mark, that's histerical!! Do you have more? How about Seymour Dirt! I just did make that one up!! Isn't that fun?!! How about... Carrie Coffin!! I'm good ain't I?

  3. I love this stuff, Ida! A friend of mine said to call a zoo up and ask for Ellie Font! Ha! There's also a new book out that's called "Under The Bleachers" by Seymour Butts. Ha Ha Ha! I remember my brothers saying that one years ago!! And of course there is the book "10 Yards to the Out House", written by Willy Makit, illustrated by Betty Dont.

    Those aren't tombstone names though, but they're funny anyway.