Friday, January 15, 2010

Joe's Crab Shack

Oh good lord! Have any of you seen the "Joe's Crab Shack" commercial? There's a family of 5, Dad, Mom, teenager, a younger child, and then maybe a 5 year old. Joe is wantin' us all to go eat at his place, so we can have a good visit with each other, while the Dad flips somethin' off his plate and everyone in the family says, "Oh s!!t!" and covers their mouth. Now of course we don't hear the family say the complete word s!!t, but we do here them say the "sh" sound. Even the little girl is sayin' the word! Now please understand Rooftoppers, I'm not a perfect person, and my mouth does come out with some naughty things from time to time, but havin' children say curse words on TV advertising a fun day at Joe's with the family is wrong. Now that's Ida's opinion... do you have one? None of ya have to agree with me, everyone is entitled to think what they want... let's hear it.


  1. Ms A, that very well could be true that they're just sayin' shoot. But if they were just sayin' shoot, then there would be no need for their hands to cover their mouths as if they had said a bad word. But you could be right there, I hadn't thought about them sayin' shoot.

  2. Hey... I just saw it again and you are right! I hadn't paid attention, until you mentioned it. I told my "Other Half" I was going to comment you back on it. He had already caught the intent and found it appalling they were trying to capitalize on potty mouth. Must be trying to appeal to a different ilk than ours. Heaven help us all!