Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still tryin' to Get Fit

Hey Rooftoppers! How's it goin'? Hopin' all is well with you and yours! I'm still workin' on my New Year's Resolution to "Get Fit". Not doin' so well, but I keep tryin'. Thought the followin' suggestions were pretty good ones. I actually came up with some of these on my own...

1. Make a batch of slim soup filled with all the veggies that you love and tons of beans, making it a chicken broth or beef broth base, dependin' of course on the kind of meat you put in it. Have a cup or a bowl of this soup before supper and it will calm your appetite and you won't eat so much. This really works for me.

2. I have fallin' in love with those tiny iddy biddy oranges called Clementines! I snack on 'em at work. They're so easy, just peel and eat, and they taste amazin'! If you haven't tried 'em yet, you just gotta!

3. Eat an apple everyday. I opt for the small Gala apples, and I don't like to just grab 'em and eat, prefer to cut them in wedges, removing all the core and ick stuff. I know this guy who eats the entire apple, core and all! That is weird to me, but whatever.

4. Try findin' substitutes for fattening foods. I have no problem drinkin' or cookin' with skim milk or with sugar substitutes. BUT, there's one thing I won't substitute, ever. That thing is Hellman's mayonaise! Don't even try to take my Hellman's away from me, you might loose a hand! Hellman's makes the world go round for me. Don't dare mess with it in anyway, it can NOT be substituted, just eat less of it.

And now if you'll all look under your chair, you will find that everyone is receivin' their very own jar of Hellman's! Yea! Yippee! Whoopdee! That's what Oprah would have said. She gives away stuff, I don't.

5. This suggestion right here is the very best suggestion I can give you to Get Fit. Just watch "The Biggest Loser" and imagine yourself as a contestant. OMGosh! I think about myself up there on the scale with millions of people watchin', and I'm in a pair of spandex shorts and a sports bra! Oh the humanity!!

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  1. Crap, just being fully clothed in front of a camera is scary enough for me!