Thursday, June 24, 2010

Continue To Eat Healthy...

This guy at work brings his home grown tomatoes to share and I got one. It's huge a round! I took a whole wheat English muffin, toasted it, added some low-cal mayo, and a thick slice of that home grown tomato!!!!! Holy canolies! It was so good, I wanted to slap someone!! Home grown 'maters are to die for!!

Here's some good stuff I got from WOMAN'S DAY for help with getting fit - I've paraphrased a bunch and added my own way of talking and thinking to it.

You've been dieting for a few months and have dropped some weight. You're feeling pretty good about your progress and then... something gets in the way that threatens to land you back where you started, and even heavier than before. You're not alone. There are countless dieters who assume they've mastered the art of healthy eating and then one day realize the number on the scale is sneaking up on them. Problems seem to fit into 5 categories. Here's what to watch for and how to get back on track in no time.
In the beginning, dieting was kind of exciting. It was hard, but it was also an adventure - you get to think about food in a different way and try new recipes and meal plans. But once you've done all that, the excitement dies down and you figure out which foods fit into your plan and you've stuck with them. Then you get bored with the same old food, the same old recipes, and you usually give up.
Keep variety in your diet. Go to a farmer's market and experience fresh, in season fruits and veggies. Try something new besides apples and green beans.
ADD SPICE. The right spices can take an ordinary meal from boring to deeeelicious! Experiment with cilantro. I love cilantro in my Bush beans or in a salad! Try chili sauces and spices from different countries... experiment!
DAB ON CONDIMENTS. Add small amounts of higher-fat items. For example, add a little fat mayo to low-fat mayo to give it more flavor.
TRY BREAKFAST FOR DINNER AND VICE VERSA. Eat a veggie omelet for supper and munch on crunchy vegetables for breakfast. Breakfast food is not just for breakfast, ya know.
EXPERIMENT. Like, I used to think I would never, never, ever eat grilled fish. MY fish HAD to be FRIED! But I tried it one day when I was out lunching with Moke & Kasey. I actually tried and enjoyed eating grilled fish! It was kind of exciting and adventurous! I felt reckless and crazy... yeow well you wouldn't be laughing if you lived alone and found happiness in the little things, Mr. Smartypants.
Oh, and I'll be weighing in the morning and will post my poundage... fingers crossed, good thoughts.

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