Thursday, August 6, 2009

I do NOT do gray.

I apologize to my 4 faithful Rooftopper readers for not bein' around for a bit. My computer has been on the fritz, and boy are my arms tired!

How 'bout that Bachelorette! What did you think about it? I do believe that whatshishead was a bad choice. All the bachelorette girl had to do was to look at the guy's dad, and that shoulda answered if he was the one for her, lordy! It just goes to show ya that people are stupid all over.

There was a comment on my last blog from a Bradley Smeltz, and I've gotta tell ya son, first and foremost, do not, I must repeat it, do NOT, ever eat anything gray! Gray is not a good food color. Oysters, mushrooms, hunks in the freezer, etc. Gray food is rubbery, slimmy and boogery, and should be fed to cats, and only cats.

I hate to admit it, but that Al boy was correct... some kinda casserole would be the perfect recipe for those items that Smeltz mentioned. Let's get started shall we?

Saute the onions and the celery in a 1/4 cup a lard, chop them hot dog buns up into tiny pieces, add them to the onions and celery, cook all until they're transparent. Oh my! Can you smell that smell! As Rachel would say Mm-Mm-Mm-Mm-Mm, has a nutty kind of a smell, don't it?

In my opinion, everything has a nutty kind of smell to Rachel. Let me tell you somethin' sweetheart, if it ain't got nuts in it, then it don't smell like nuts! And what a mouth that girl has got on her.

"Rachel, darlin', could ya shut up for just once? Ya don't hafta fill every danged second of time with your stupid chatter! So you invented the garbage bowl, big deal! That don't make you no expert! Garbage bowl my aunt's patootie... it's called a garbage CAN! They've been usin' 'em for years! Get yourself one, walk over to it and throw your nutty smelling cookin' away... holy christmas, are ya that lazy?!

Now where was I? Oh yes, put the mixture in a casserole dish, place a big chunk of Velveeta on top and bake that sucker for 35 minutes in a 400 degree oven, or until the cheese all melts. Now don't tell me you ain't got no Velveeta in your cupboard, everybody has Velveeta at home somewhere.

Now Bradley, for dessert, whip the box of lemon jello together with the peanut butter, until fluffy. Fill cupcake tins with 2 Tbs each of the mixture (it makes 24). Place slices of Velveeta on top of each, and bake 35 minutes in a 400 degree oven, or until the cheese all melts.

And that hunka gray stuff in the freezer... feed it to the cat.

Bradly son, or any of my other readers, iffin' ya got questions about how to do anything, anything at all, you send them cards & letters and emails in to Rooftop and Ida will do her dangedest to help out, KZ?


  1. Rachel's a little too perky for me. Perky is so darned depressing! So is cutesy, for that matter. Glad to have you back, Ida. I've missed you.

  2. Thanks, Ida, but you're a day late. I ended up thawing the gray glob by throwing it in the microwave. Still couldn't tell what it was. Cut it into chunks and fried it. Threw in some onions. Served it over toast. It was scary looking, but tasted like chicken. Maybe a cross between Vienna sausage and chicken. Ended up with a bit leftover. Put it in a ziplock and chunked in the freezer. No, I didn't label it. Labels are for losers.

    Next time it'd help if you got your tight butt in gear and responded quicker. Hey, I don't if it's tight. I'm just sayin'. A sick Bradley in Tulsa.

  3. Well Bradley darlin', there's your problem... Tulsa. And sweetie, if I have a choice between something that tastes like chicken and chicken, I'm gonna pick chicken.

    And little Mr. Big Al... don't make me have to pull this car over!

    Pink legged lady, you are the sweetest thing to have missed me. I think you're my favorite Rooftopper. Been havin' difficulties with my computer, it's in the shop right now, am borrowin' someone's at the moment. Truly hate to be without a computer. And that Rachel Ray... if she were a weapon, she'd be a gattlin' gun! God bless you hun.

  4. Pull the car over Ida... beat the snot out of little Mr. Big Al. Take pictures! Bound to be good for some kind of blackmail and will definitely make for a terrific blog post.

    Do you need me to light a fire under the geek working on your computer? Just say the word. I'm there for ya!

  5. Well, I have been lookin' for a body guard of late, what with all the papparotzee surroundin' my house. Since Rooftop, I've been havin' to wear a robe when I step out to get the mail! You sound like you could take care of things for me.

  6. I'll get my gun and shoot the nasty vermin. Shouldn't have to wear a robe to get the mail. You did mean mail and not male, correct?

  7. Ms. A, what in the world did I do 2 u?
    Beat the snot out of me?

  8. Nothing, Big Al... just thought it might be interesting and you are bound to have earned a good beating at some point. After all, you are male.

  9. And proud of it. Girls are stupid......
    Not really, I'm better than that. Girls are good, just not as good as guys.

  10. Is that Al with the red things over his eyes? He is such a cutie.