Monday, August 31, 2009

Odean, Peek & Boo

Today, marks the 7 year anniversary since my Odean has left this world. He's probably sitting on the front porch of Heaven right this minute and whittlin' somethin' for the angels, maybe a sweet soundin' flute that they can play and make beautiful music with. More likely though, he's out back pitchin' horseshoes with his twin brothers Peek and Boo.

Can't say I'm all that sad on this memorable day, cause my Odean left me with so many reminders of himself, it's like he never left, really. What I mean by reminders is... he taught me ever thing I know, from makin' turkey jerkey to knittin' booties. If it weren't for Odean, I'd just be another dunderheaded old woman, who couldn't do nothin'! But nope, after my man passed, I decided to help his legacy to live on. I decided to show people all over the world the things that they can do all by themselves.

You've read some of the things I can do in my bloggin' here, things that I taught you and now you can teach yourns. Okay, I must admit, that's makin' me a little bit teary eyed knowin' that I can be of help to you... makes me feel important and useful.

Alright, enough of that mauldin' stuff, now let's get down to business. I got a project for you to work on. Did you know that you can make your own placemats? I know, I know, it sounds undoable, but you can, it's a breeze. Now listenin'... gather up your greeting cards that people have sent you through the years, pick out the purdiest ones, cut the front pictures from them, and paste 'em to a piece of poster board. After you've covered the poster board, take some of that blue painters tape that everbody's usin', and make outlines around each picture with the tape. Then, get yourself a permanent marker and write your name on the mat. Or you can make a big blob of placemats and give 'em to your cousins and nieces and nephews for Christmas, and write their names on 'em.

Now I know it's just September, but if you get to workin' on the mats now, you won't be all rushed to finish them come Christmas time. And like Odean always told me, "Get goin' on it now Ida, ya know how you get all loopy when you start sniffin' them markers!" That man was always lookin' out for me. Ever time I sniff a permanent marker I think of my Odean... and sometimes I can see little pink elephants a circlin' my head while they're dancin'... I also might see Peek & Boo a pitchin' horseshoes, they didn't know much how to do anything else.

If you have an idea for a homemade Christmas gift,

just blog it to me.

Odean would be proud of ya.


  1. If you've sniffed long enough to see pink elephants, you've gotten darn close to joining Odean!

  2. Oh Ms. A, now you don't worry 'bout me. I've been doin' this long enough to know not to worry if you can "see" the elephants... it's when they start chasin' ya that ya need to worry.

  3. Ida,
    Instead of blue painters' tape, I line each picture with carrot peels. It gives the placemat a kitcheny look and smell. Just wanted to pass it along. Love your column! Anita Dump

  4. Carrol Peels? I had never thought of that, an excellent idea! Thank you for your comment, and so happy you love my column. Please come back and visit us anytime you'd like.
    Are you Wanda & Utakea's sister?

  5. BORING!!!!!!!!!!
    Placemats? That sounds like a bunch a girl stuff,I thought this was a site bout work'n on cars?
    But, make breafst,lunch & dinner placemats. The breakfast one's could have egg shells around the pictures instead of the carrot peels. just think'n here, not there.

  6. Good idea Al. Don't forget the wonderful use of dried beans and different shaped noodles. Oh, and egg shells make a terrific mosaic. Just divide your small pieces of egg shells into baggies, add a tad of paint, mush it around to color them, then glue onto your favorite magazine picture. Better hurry, Christmas will be here before we know it!

  7. Man, I hope none of you draw MY name for Christmas!