Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jill's Brother

This is Jill again. Ida's still not well. She said she may have to give up her blog, because it's all she can do to keep up with her radio program and the special requests she receives from all her fans, plus her not feeling well. I told her I wouldn't mind taking over her blog and filling in at any time, even though I don't know how to write and don't have much to say. Ida told me to keep writing for her and that I was doing a fine job... I know she's just saying that to make me feel good.
The last blog I did was entitled "What's on Jill's mind", and apparently Moke is the only one who cared enough to find out, at least he's the only one who posted a comment. LOL! He's a good brother... he and Kasey are The Best Jerry, The Best!! They've done so much for me by letting me hang out with 'em, giving me support, and listening to all the weird stuff I talk about.
I just left their house after spending the weekend with them, and Moke said, "Jill, I laugh more with you than I do with anyone else." Wow, what a compliment. It's true what he said, we laugh and laugh. It's so much fun spending time with the two of 'em.
Did you know that Moke and Kasey are fine cooks! It's true. They fix a great grilled steak, an excellent BBQ brisket with cole slaw and beans, yummy soups, and delicious cornish hen. Oh! And when they're not cooking for me, we go to the best places in the World to eat, like McKenzie's BBQ and Taco Bueno!! Oh Momma!
When I go to visit them, they don't mind if I take a nap during the afternoon, isn't that the sweetest thing? We go to the movies and sometimes do some shopping, watch rented movies or just watch TV. And, Moke & Big Al let me act in their videos when there's a part for me. And Moke and I talk and talk and laugh and laugh! I consider him my best friend.
The reason I visited 'em this weekend is because I was supposed to do some acting with them in Cut and Shoot at a flea market, but I decided that after we went to church and I walked around a little bit, that my knee was not going to hold up very well with too much walking, and my lower back was giving me fits too. So I missed out on the acting bit, I was pretty sad about that, cause acting is lots of fun, especially with my brothers.
I'll be going up again next weekend to Moke & Kasey's Bed & Breakfast (cute, huh?). I have 2 reasons for going. The first is that Don Piper, the writer of "90 Minutes in Heaven", is going to be at The Ark Sunday morning. I've read his book and I've also listened to it on CD, what a remarkable man. I'm not missing out on a chance to see him and hear him talk, no way! I'm very excited about it. Would love to shake his hand and maybe put a little money in his pocket. Moke told me the guy doesn't ask to be paid for his preaching at other churches, just his expenses for traveling and staying over night.
The other reason I'll be going again to Conroe is because of our March Family Gathering. My nephew Nalin and his wife Kristy are hosting it. We have a good time at their home... they have a Wii. I won't be able to play with it though. I've gotta take care of my knee and back and make sure I don't hurt them any more. Forgot to mention that I had knee surgery and was feeling right as rain, but then I wasn't being careful and when I went to turn, my torso moved but my left leg didn't and I wrenched my knee! It hurts like the dickens! I'm doing physical therapy and am sure that it will be super duper some day.
Well, I guess that's enough of my rambling. I had a very nice weekend with M&K and I'm very thankful that God let Moke be my brother. He's a pickle. I just love pickles.



  1. You're sure right about the laughing, Sis. You really need someone else around to get in a good laugh. Kay and I laugh at a lot of the same stuff, but my humor goes the whole gamut. I like nonsensical comic strips and visual comedy and occasionally the crude.

    For example (Jill, you can delete this when you're through reading) I was just watching a stupid movie where a guy's uncle (Leslie Nielson) is in the hospital in bad shape. One of those, he may not live through the night things. Unfortunately his wife of 50 years has died, but he doesn't know it. Before entering Nielson's room, the doctor warns the nephew not to mention that Nielson's wife has died, 'cause the news might kill him. The doctor warned him about three times. "You can't mention anything bad like that. It could kill him."

    Then the doctor enters the room with the nephew and Nielson says, "Is that you Murial?" The doctor says, "Oh, you mean your dead wife? No it's your doctor and your nephew. By the way, I've got some good news and bad news for you. The bad news is I mistakenly gave you a sex change operation. The good news is I didn't cut off your penis. I did remove your balls, tho, but it won't matter since your wife is dead."

    I started laughing till I cried. Kay just sat there and eventually got up and said she thought she'd go read her book.

    Now that's the kind of humor I absolutely hate to laugh at, but can't help it. Had Jill been there with me I woulda laughed even harder. Might've killed myself laughing. It's warped stuff. So, that's the kind of brother Jill is saying good stuff about up there. I'm sick, I tell you. Sick! But, I do love my kid sister. She's a hoot.

  2. Oh Moke, I laughed so hard I couldn't breath! I could see you laughing till you hurt at that and I could see Kasey just watching you and then getting up and leaving!!
    Oh gosh that hurt. Whew!
    Do you remember the thing we laughed so hard about when you, Kasey and me were in the car and driving around Conroe. I can't think of it, but I know if you tell me, I'll start up with the laughing again.
    I know laughing is supposed to be good for you, but can it also be fatal?

  3. It was the "Monty" comic strip. The one where the kid was blindfolded and trying to hit a pinata. But, he keeps hitting Monty by mistakes. No matter where he goes, he gets hit. After taking a hit behind the couch he says something like, "Tell me again. Are you sure you can't see?"

    Your fans would hafta see the cartoon to get the real laugh out of it. You're right, we about died.

  4. OMGosh that's right. We almost laughed ourselves to death over that. I remember Kasey sitting on the passenger side of the car and you driving and me behind K, and we would stop laughing, and then one of us would think of it again and start laughing, then we both laugh! I was literally rolling in the backseat. Poor Kasey, she didn't find it that funny and she just sat there a put up with us. I wanted to stop laughing so badly because I knew she was tired of it, but I couldn't.