Friday, February 19, 2010

Until I feel better...

Rooftoppers, I haven't been feelin' too well of late, so I asked someone to fill in for me on my blog page for a bit. She's that sister of Mark and Al Hayter. I don't know what she's gonna come up with or has to say, but she said she'd keep it clean.
She even offered to accept any get well cards that y'all might have to send me - you can mail them to her house and she'll bring 'em by for me. Thank you in advance for all the cards!
Jill Hayter Jakob
1803 Elmwood
La Porte, TX 77571

I really do appreciate this Jill. Do you think that the next time you drop by you could straighten the place up a bit, and pick me up some of that Crystal Lite Peach Tea that I like so much? Thanks darlin', as your brother Mark would say, "You're a peach."

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