Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's on Jill's mind

Hi everyone! It's me, Jill. I'm Mark and Al's sister (Please don't count that against me.). I can't believe that Ida let me fill in for her for awhile, especially since I don't know anything about doing this. I'm definitely not a writer that is for sure!

The cool think about this though is that I'm not expected to be "a writer" or "a columnist", cause I'm not. I can just put down on here whatever comes to my mind, and it doesn't have to be worded correctly or elaborately, just my words typed here on Ida's blog right here, soooo ah, I'm just gonna think of stuff and then gonna put it on here... Ah... well, let's see...

Okay... I don't like the Kardashians. There's a good place to start. I don't know who they are or where they come from, except that they're rich and pretty people, and somewhere in the family is the swimmer guy who got the nose job that looks absolutely terrible!! Hey that felt good to get off my chest! Let's see what else I can think of...

Have you ever eaten a whole wheat tortilla? Well don't. They're horrible! Of course someone's going to lose weight by eating them, cause they're unedible! Hey, this is fun!

"How I Met Your Mother" is a sucky show! I don't even know who the mother is? And they start some of the shows off with these 2 kids having to sit and listen to their dad talk about meeting their mother, only he doesn't talk about meeting her, he just talks about what he and his friends do or did. It's definitely no "Friends" I can tell you that much. It's just real sucky.

Oh man, I rented the movie "Push". Holy cow, don't waste your money, it's terrible, beyond terrible in fact. I couldn't watch the entire thing, it was just too stupid and terrible to sit through. I just saved you a few cents.

My family knows it, but you guys might not, I'm crazy about my grandsons Faolan and Rowan. they are the most beautiful little boys to ever live. Here's a picture of my son Ethan with Rowan. Ethan is an RN and Rowan is helping Daddy with his homework. Isn't this the sweetest, oh I know adorable in everyway, what did I tell ya?

Hey, this was fun! I truly enjoyed it. I don't know how much longer Ida will be feeling bad, I'll be sure to keep you up on her progress. I brought her some chicken soup today and she was loving every bit out of it. She said to say hi to all of her faithful and devoted readers out there. Am pretty sure she was talking to you Ms A.

Welp, till the next time, keep the wind at your back and don't roller skate in a buffalo herd... you can't do it.



  1. Great photo, Sis! I'm sorry to hear about Ida's health issues, but glad she's got such a capable substitute.

    All the people who ask me about my charming sister each have the same question -- What are five things Jill would most like to do for fun this year? (Non grandkid activities. That'd be like cheating, since your grandkids would be a part of each five of your activities.) -- An eager public wants to know. Love you, Jillicans. moke

  2. Thanks for being okay with me covering for Ida. She's not feeling very well, and when she's not feeling well, she can be a bit of a snit. It's a good thing she's got family and friends to look after her, cause if it were just me, she would have gone to meet her maker already.

    Fun? Fun, huh? Moke, I wouldn't know fun if it bit me in the ars.