Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm a bit shook up...

I'm sorry, but I'm a wee bit upset this evening, and I'm not gonna feel better about it until I get what's botherin' me off my chest. You see, I was sittin' watchin' TV this evenin', it was around about 8:00pm or so and pitch black outside. Suddenly here comes a heavy knock on my door. Of course I jumped, cause I sure wasn't expectin' it, and I'm a jumpy person anyway.
I muted the TV and asked, "Who's there?" And I heard a man's mumbled voice, but didn't understand what he said. I said louder, "I didn't here you. Who's there?" And he said, "I'd like to talk to you about your light bill."
Can you imagine... can you just imagine someone comin' to your house late at night, knocking on your door and expectin' you to open it? Oh my word! I almost called the police! No sane person in this age would go door to door late in the evening trying to sell somethin', would they? Well, unless he was a poor, hardworkin' man who needed money really badly, and this was the only way he could make it, but for heavens sake, what a crazy way to make money!
After he said he wanted to talk to me about my light bill I said very loudly with determined indignation, "NO, I DON'T THINK SO!" Then he yelled back at me, "OKAY!" and walked away from my house.
I turned the lights on outside and immediately called my friend Kathy from down the street to ask if she saw the man, and she said yes she did and that he was talkin' to one of the neighbors about his light bill. Well thank the lord for my friend Kathy, cause if she had said no she didn't see the guy, then I was gonna call the police and there was gonna be heck to pay, maybe, I don't know.
I'm sorry dears, that your Ida doesn't have a blog this time about how to make somethin' good to eat or some funny little sayings and such. This incident really shook me up tonight, and I just wanted to remind all you Rooftoppers out there to be careful. Watch out for yourselves, and for your families, and don't ever open the door for anyone you don't know. And you be sure and get to know your neighbors and get their phone numbers and put 'em in your phone. We need to all watch out for each other.
I'm a bit shook up about the whole thing, and just your listenin' to me has helped to calm me down some. Sure hope I can sleep. I should probably get myself a dog, I'm thinkin'.

Until next time, under more calm and pleasant circumstances... OKZ.



  1. THE NERVE!!! I would have called the cops anyway. Stuff like that needs to be reported. If the cops were called EVERY TIME they knocked on a door, that crap would stop pretty quick. The cops would get pretty annoyed getting disturbed repeatedly. If you had met him at the door with your gun, I'll bet you could have made a big impression. (or a very large hole, depending on your mood) I vote for the gun, but then I'm a do it yourself kind of person.

  2. Oh CB, I'm totally, totally agreeing with you on this! It doesn't matter if the guy didn't know how to do anything else but go door to door and sale things, he has NO business knocking on doors that late at night, or even knocking on doors during the day! I hate door-to-door salesmen! There's no need for that any more these days, it's just wrong, and it's stupid! And Ida, Cora Beth is right, you should have called the police anyway. Next time it happens, you call the police. Bless your heart... he stole your peace and sweetness, am so sorry you were so upset.