Thursday, November 12, 2009

NOVEMBER - Turkey Balloon

What a beautiful month November is. Believe it’s my favorite month of the year. Just crazy about the leaves turnin’ bright, beautiful colors, I love wearin’ my comfy, warm jam-ees at night, eatin’ till I’m sick at Thanksgiving, and also excited about Christmas bein’ on its way. Yelp, November is my favorite.

Thought I’d post directions on how to make yourself a genuine balloon turkey! I found this on the internet, thought it’s either the cutest thing ever, or as stupid as it looks… I couldn’t decide. You be the judge.

You’ll need:
2 round red balloons
1 oblong yellow balloon
Scissors and cardboard
Masking tape
Acrylic paint and brushes
1. Blow up a red balloon and knot off the end to form the turkey’s body.
2. To make the head, blow up the yellow balloon about halfway so that there’s an uninflated “nose” at one end, then knot off the balloon. Tie an uninflated red balloon to the nose to make the turkey’s wattle.
3. Attach the knotted-off ends of the body and the head together by wrapping a rubber band around them.
4. Cut the feet out of one piece of cardboard and attach them to the bottom of the turkey with masking tape. Now dress your bird, painting on a face and feathers.
5. You could make several of these balloon turkey birds and see who can keep theirs off the floor the longest.

If you have ideas or recipes for Thanksgiving, be they cute or stupid, please send ‘em in… OKZ?


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  1. Ida, I'm gonna do all of this, but paint it black and white and make it a penguin. I just love the ol' Thanksgiving Day Penguin. Not sure how that started, but I think it was related to the rum cake we had back in '86. Aunt Bertha's rum cake. Had to keep that thing away from candles.